Looking back over 2012 (pt 3)

favorites of 2012

For the last three days of December, I’m reflecting back on a few defining and/or favorite moments of 2012.

Dear God, I owe you an apology

. . . What choice do I have? You’re it. I know that. Trusting You—especially when I can’t see You—is the most fearless thing I ever do. . . .

A people of the Book?

. . . I thought only my religious tribe was a people of the Book. The “walking Bibles.” I was wrong. . . .

Not your normal church day

. . . He sat back down, leaned over, and grinned, “Didn’t I do it?”
Oh, yes, Walter Baby Love, you did it.
He said he had a name like that for a reason; now I understood. . . .

Bible or Jesus?

. . . But is it time spent with Scripture that makes the difference?
Or is it time spent with the Lord (even through Scripture)? I’m troubled with the language. . . .

I got the note

. . . She didn’t know me. I didn’t know her. But she handed me her note. The sentence at the bottom was what she really wanted me to see. . . .

I thought I understood

. . . Okay, we thought we had it all figured out (ouch). When I asked myself why we were among the lucky few to get it right, I came up with three possibilities (this pains me to admit, just so you know). . . .

* * *

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