Who I am

  • a life-long believer in Jesus, desperate to believe more
  • a seeker of spiritual truths, needing to seek more
  • a worshiper of God, longing to worship more

What I offer

1. I look for God in everyday moments. I find Him in stories, in friends, in books, in strangers, in the Bible, in prayer, in the church, in music, in the world.

2. Then I pass along what I find to you, hopefully for your encouragement and spiritual growth.

3. I pray for you and me that the Lord draws us closer to Him as we learn from each other.

Books I've learned from

Book List - as of 2/19/11

What I do
I sing; I listen; I pray
None of it very well—but may the Father be glorified anyway. I’m still learning.

E-mail me here.

Called by His name,
Created for His glory,
Formed to declare His praise
~ Isaiah 43:7,21


Michele Williams said...

Nice to meet you. God bless you.

Islandsparrow said...

I have just skimmed through your blog - and I know that I am going to enjoy reading more. I am reading John 20 times through - it's a Bible reading plan that I do. So I am very happy to see your questions and I will be joining you on them.
I have to scoot out the door now but I'll be back :)

Laurie M. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I look forward to joining with you in the Contentment study.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm glad I meandered over to your blog. Thanks.

Stephani said...

I came back by your blog today to devour a little bit more of it. The last time I stopped by it seemed there was so much I wanted to look at. I will be back again. I just want to say, from what I've seen and read you seem like a really cool person! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by our site today! God Bless You and Your Beautiful Family and remember to Keep BELIEVING even in the silence!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog today and will be back to look at your book reviews. I have briefly, very briefly skimmed some of your book reviews. It looks like there is some good resources on forgiveness and grief, pain. I am searching right now. I saw a comment that you posted about loss of a spouse, child, church. I see you have lost a child. I am in the process of losing a spouse. A woman I have loved for almost 30 years. She is having an affair and moving farther and farther away. In this slow burn loss you also loose a church, family, friends, places and things that were so much a part of your life. My wife does not understand this. She is in sin and blinded. It affects everybody and everything. It is a total loss. I am struggling deeply. So I will come back to look at you book section to see what I can find.

Lisa notes... said...

To Anonymous,
I am sorry for your pain; I pray that God can work a miracle in your marriage and turn things around for you and your wife.

Two books that I don't have listed but that were/are very helpful to me on forgiveness are:

"Forgive and Forget" by Lewis Smedes

"The Key: How to Let Go and Let God" by Nancy Missler

Yes, there are many layers of loss involved with losing a spouse. Stay connected (or get connected) with Christians around you who you can talk with and who can walk with you on your journey. And stay in the Word and in prayer to keep your faith in God, the ultimate Healer of all our wounds.

Gertha said...

Lisa, thank you for stopping by. I will be subscribing!!! I find much needed insight from your blog:). Nice to meet you.


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