On this day in August

Outside my window...is a muddy dog I need to play with (my nest isn’t so empty after all)Kandie

I am sending...forgotten things to Jenna through our neighbors this weekend

One of my favorite things...Facetime with Jenna (and yeah, I tried to get Kandie in on the conversation)

I am realizing...bloggy friends aren’t only good for me, but benefit my whole family in ways I never expected (props to amazing Amy!)

I am thankful for...the blessed season I was given to stay home and raise my girls

I am thinking...about all the things I want to do next

In the kitchen...soon will be a hubby frying chicken (his choice; no complaints from me!)Hiding-1-Peter-1

I am creating...resources to post Wednesday for our 1 Peter 1 memory challenge at Do Not Depart

I am resolving...to not just memorize 1 Peter 1, but to study it and let it seep into my soul

I am encouraged...by thoughtful posts about memorizing scripture

I am wearing...pink shorts and a blue tank top that should never leave the house (and it doesn’t)

I am going...to the chiropractor still (how much longer I’ll try? I can’t say)

The-Discipline-of-Grace-by-Jerry-BridgesI am reading...not as much as I’d like...maybe the end of this week I’ll get back into these books, including The Discipline of Grace with Challies’ “Reading Classics Together” group

I am discovering...more and more new songs every time I meet with the church

I am appreciating...that Jenna really likes the church she’s visiting in Auburn

I am hearing...one of my new favorite songs, “When Mercy Found Me

His Grace is all I need 
And the chains that I was in before 
They don't hold me anymore 
His love has rescued me 
His love has set me free

I am praying...God’s guidance and peace for friends seeking both

I am pondering these words...“Obedience isn’t fed by gratitude but by faith.”

A few plans for this week...REST. Including Skyping with a niece, writing a little, reading a little, cleaning a little

I am looking forward to...choosing my favorite pictures from El Salvador to share with my small group this Sunday night

A picture to share...Celina, one of our sweet young friends in El Salvador we’re praying for. She helped us with VBS several days. She also counted string with me during lunch one day when I most needed help. I love her.


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