What’s on your nightstand? July ‘12

Not much has changed since my June nightstand. The summer has been too packed to include much reading.

Here are the updates:

Just started

Living-Jesus-by-Randy-HarrisLiving Jesus: Doing What Jesus Says in the Sermon on the Mount
   by Randy Harris
I’ve heard Randy speak several times, so I was right in assuming his book would be humorous yet insightful and deep. Did Jesus really intend that we live out what he was preaching? Yes, he did! 

By-Grace-AloneBy Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me 
   by Sinclair B. Ferguson
I know; another book on grace. What can I say? I’m loving grace. I’m on chapter three of this short seven chapter book, organized around the first seven stanzas of Emmanuel T. Sibomana’s hymn, “O How the Grace of God Amazes Me.”

Why a book on “How the grace of God amazes me”? For one reason: not all Christians find it so amazing.

Being amazed by God’s grace is a sign of spiritual vitality. It is a litmus test of how firm and real is our grasp of the Christian gospel and how close is our walk with Jesus Christ. The growing Christian finds that the grace of God astonishes and amazes.

...A chief reason for the weakness of the Christian church in the West, for the poverty of our witness and any lack of vitality in our worship, probably lies here: we sing about “amazing grace” and speak of “amazing grace,” but far too often it has ceased to amaze us. Sadly, we might more truthfully sing of “accustomed grace.” We have lost the joy and energy that are experienced when grace seems truly amazing.

Still reading

52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday: And Why the Truth Is So Much Better
   by Steve McVey
And still loving every single chapter.

The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible 
   by Scot McKnight

Hell: A Final Word 
   by Edward Fudge

Through Painted Deserts 
   by Donald Miller

Finished from June’s nightstand

Stopping Stress before It Stops You
   by Dr. Kevin Leman
It was fine, but nothing earth-shattering. I think we all know what to do; it’s actually getting us to do it that’s the problem. Prioritize. Slow down. Stop trying to do it all. Nonetheless, it was still a good reminder.

You Are a Writer
by Jeff Goins
This was the free book I chose from my trial month with Amazon’s Prime membership. Unfortunately, when my membership expired, so did my notes. But my prime takeaway is encouragement to keep writing. And keep reading Jeff’s blog; he inspires.

The Hidden Life of Prayer
   by David McIntyre
A short classic on the importance of prayer. I read it with Challie’s Reading Classics Together. I always enjoy Tim’s picks. I’m sure another is coming soon.

UPDATE: Challies announced The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges is the next book to read together. Couldn’t be happier with that choice! Get your copy now (great deals listed here) and finish chapter 1 by August 9.

* * *

What book have you enjoyed lately?

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