When you let yourself fall

Go ahead.
Do it.
Let yourself fall.

Yeah, it’s gonna hurt on the downside. But it’ll be worth it.
Otherwise, you’ve wasted it all.

It’s love or nothing.

I’ll take the pain any day.

beautiful GLORHY & her precious family
who feel like my own


my sweet young friends MIREYA and CELINA with GLORHY


Falling for something—for Love—is better than sitting alone for nothing.

Take the risk. Do the dare. Bet it all.

Love all out. Let yourself fall. Hard.

Jenna with JOSSELYN and her mom


KATTY with her new little buddy


REINA still as beautiful as ever

Reinamy newest friends ANA BELLA & family


They’re worth it.

He’s worth it.
Jesus is strong enough to hold you together when you start to fall apart.

He’ll catch you.
Every time.
So go ahead . . . and fall.

* * *

Because I love them, I miss them.
And that’s okay.

Will you please pray for the friends I left behind in El Salvador?

(More about the trip at Jenna’s blog)

                  I’m not a pretty crier


Do you have a friend you’re missing today?


2012: My year to . . .



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