Today in July

Outside my and dry

I am be okay with letting some flowers die instead of constantly watering them


I am wondering...what my neighbor is building in his backyard

I am also wondering...why I ever agreed to be in charge of VBS in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language (whine, whine...Jeremiah 1:6-7)The Simple Woman's Daybook

I am thinking...I probably shouldn’t be spending time writing this blog post, but it’s already July 10 and I haven’t done a Daybook yet (I’m on a roll since May 2010)

I am levels of stress and my remembrance of grace are inversely proportional

I am discovering...a 24-hour unplugging isn’t enough to get me back on course; I need divine intervention. Always.

I am reminding myself...God is in the miracle business (I need a few!) and these words from Sally Lloyd-Jones: “My job is to simply give what little I have to God — my not nearly enough — and let him do The Impossible Thing.”

I am thankful...the Lord has more patience with me than I do

I am wearing...shorts, red tornado t-shirt, barefooted

I am creating...a scroll (well, maybe or maybe not, yet to be decided)52-lies-heard-in-church-steve-mcvey

I am reading...slowly, one of my new favorite books (so far), 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday

I am hand heals quickly where I burned it yesterday with the iron

I am appreciating...every minute I can get with Jenna this summer before she goes to Auburn this fall

I am hearing...Charlie Hall’s “Constant”
    Just like the atmosphere
    You’ve come to surround us here
    Leading us into beautiful places

I am looking forward to...being led soon into beautiful places—the hearts of Salvadorians

I am studying...Spanish children’s songs

Around the house...piles and piles of crayons and face paints and bubbles and jump ropes and beads and scripts and props and soccer balls, etc.


I am praying...about the new chapter for memory work in August with Do Not Depart (it will coincide with a study there by Kathy! Excited)

I am memorizing...well, reviewing Psalm 103

I am pondering these words...“A sigh breathed in the Spirit, though inaudible to all around but God, may sanctify every event in the history of our day.”

I am sending...up one of those sighs

I am experiences among Jesus and friends at Summer Celebration last week (Kay sums up the experience nicely) (and we both swiped pics from Jenna, which I do a of Michael W. Smith)


One of my favorite things...unexpected gifts of grace from the Father

I am texting...back and forth with Jenna over who is going to cook dinner tonight, trying not to play my mom card (just yet) and say it’s her turn :-)

A few plans for this week...Nehemiah book club; lots of waiting rooms; another VBS practice; 2 weddings; packing; Jeff coming home from Indiana

A picture for thought...I wish I really could turn these three young ladies on our VBS team into six!


* * *

What are you doing today?

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