Alabaré a Mi Señor

“Alabaré a Mi Señor”, or “I Will Praise My Lord”, is one of two songs that we sang the most at VBS in El Salvador. The children seemed to know “Alabaré” everywhere we went.

(The other most popular was:
“Siempre Soy Feliz”, or “Happy All the Time”.)

The chorus of “Alabaré” is pretty easy to catch on to.
The verses? Not so easy for me; I had to see the words to sing them.

But the message? It works in every language. I will praise my Lord!

It’s a sticky song. If you listen, it may be with you all day. :-)

Alabaré a Mi Señor

Alabaré (4x)
Alabaré A mi Señor (2x)

Juan vio el numero de los redimidos
Y todos alababan al Señor
Unos cantaba, otros oraban,
Y todos alababan al Señor


Todos unidos alegres cantamos
Glorias y alabanzas al Señor
Gloria al Padre, gloria al Hijo
Y gloria al Espiritu de amor

English Translation:
I Will Praise My Lord

I will praise (4x)
I will praise my Lord (2x)

John saw the number of those redeemed
And all of them were praising the Lord
Some were singing, some were praying
And all were praising the Lord

All sang happy together
Glory and praise to the Lord
Glory to the Father, glory to the Son
And glory to the Spirit of love

* * *


Michelle said...

This is my first time hearing this song.
I like it :)

Lisa notes... said...

It was new to me too until a few weeks ago. And now I’ve sung it multiple times. But don’t know if I’ll have opportunity to sing it much more…at least not in Spanish. But who knows??? :-)

Jan said...

Oh no, it's stuck! You weren't kidding. :)

Fun song... thanks for sharing.

Lisa notes... said...

You can’t say I didn’t warn you, Jan. :-)

bekahcubed said...

Oh, I am so glad you shared this song today. It brings back sweet memories of singing with the various village churches I visited during my month in Mexico a few years back.

Sara G said...

Thanks for sharing with us! I've never heard this song before. Wonderful!
Blessings, Sara

Anonymous said...

We sang Alabere Sunday for mass at St Thomas the Apostle Church in Grand Rapids, MI --It's stuck in my brain now :)

Fett said...

Thank you so much for this Lisa! I remember hearing this being sung in my grandmothers church when I was a little boy. Everyone sang it so loud and there was so much energy in the church. It was one of my favorites. I don't speak fluent Spanish but I always remembered the chorus (more or less). I googled it and found your page. God bless you!!!!

Fett said...

Another I remember is "En la Cruz". My two favorites!

Lisa notes... said...

I'm glad this brought back happy memories for you, Fett. Every time I heard it sung in El Salvador, it was also loud and with much energy. :) Beautiful.

Darrell Barnes said...

Lisa, we are doing a Spanglish class at Friendship Church of Christ and this is the playlist we developed and are using!

Love your blog, especially this one on "Alabare"!

Darrell Barnes (901) 336-9456,
Charles Barnes
Melissa Vazquez
Gary Willoughby

Lisa notes... said...

That's awesome, Darrell. I would love to sit in on that class and learn a few things! :)

Darrell Barnes said...

You are very would probably be the one doing the teaching....

: ]


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