On March 1...

buttercupsOutside my window...are blooming buttercups and freshly-mulched flowerbeds, thanks to Jeff, Morgan, & FullerThe Simple Woman's Daybook

I am thankful...for a fun weekend with a patient husband, two sweet daughters, one very nice boyfriend (Morgan’s), and a host of family at Lane & Bonnie’s Saturday night

I am wondering...how I’ll be an innkeeper this week (Luke 10:35) after Sunday night’s discussion

I am thinking...about Lent starting next week and 40 days of prayer with Jeff

I am going...intentionally slowly. Or trying anyway. With some things, like chores. It doesn’t come naturally but it’s an experiment of mindfulness for a season.

I am realizing...I need more grace to do God in the Yard because leaving other things undone is hard

Around the house...are too many half-finished projects (see above)

I am watching...beautiful pictures of God’s grace on PPT

I am hearing...
     “Lord, if You marked our transgressions, who would stand?
       Thanks to Your grace we are cleansed by the blood of the Lamb”

I am saddened...by lack of opportunity for deeper and more frequent communication with some I love

I am hoping...that grace makes change

I am curious...why God doesn’t force change in His church when it appears (to me) to be needed [Be thankful He is in charge and not me]

I am appreciating...straight words from a big brother in the faith about encouragement and church matters and trust

I am studying...and depending on the promises of God

In the learning rooms...we’ve finished up Shakespeare, American Government, and Grammar

I am eating...my mom’s recipe of Chicken Tortilla Casserole and Misty’s recipe of Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, both of which are fattening and thus incredibly yummy

I am wearing...black running shorts and a red souvenir t-shirt from my unsuccessful months in physical therapy a few years ago

I am looking forward to...the first vacation of just us since we were 19 with three of my bff’s next week!

I am reading...Ann Voskamp’s one thousand gifts (you too?)

I am praying...about jobs for friends and the importance of meaningful work for each of us, paid or not

I am discovering...feelings of inadequacy can surface at any time, regardless of age or occupation, because we ARE inadequate; Jesus is our sufficiency

I am pondering these words...feast on forgiveness” and “dine on deliverance”

One of my favorite things...praying aloud with other believers

A picture for thought...he’s in. A successful induction into Jeff’s Cushman world (notice Jeff’s happy smile)cushman_ride

* * *

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What is happening in your world today?


LISA said...

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw your picture. We have a goat tote and just a couple of days ago my husband said I had to find a belt for it. Does this belong to you? Can you possibly help me with where to find a part. I enjoyed your Daybook and hope you have a blessed week (slowly):)

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks Lisa for stopping by Bears at Home today and reading my daybook...isn't it wonderful to see signs of Spring?
Mama Bear

Barbara H. said...

Love the daffodil photo! I just saw my first blooming thing out the back window this morning -- something lavender -- maybe a weed, maybe a violet, I'm not sure. I haven't gone out to investigate it yet, but it lifted my spirits so to see it.

I can empathize with wondering why God doesn't force things or make them happen more quickly, yet I'm grateful for His patience with me. I'm glad I am not in charge, either!

I'm reading Ann's book, too -- just passed the halfway point. Are you watching the corresponding videos at the bloom (in)courage site? They're pretty long, about 10-11 minutes each, so I have only seen a couple, but they do help cement the concepts in the chapter. It actually helped me relate to Ann a bit more to see her talking in an everyday way without the poetic quality of her writing, though I do enjoy her writing.

Lisa notes... said...

Actually I’ve never even heard of a goat tote. :-) But my husband has. Although this is a Trailster in the picture, Jeff has lots of parts (trust me, ha) and connections, so odds are that he either has a belt or might know where you could get one. If you want to e-mail a pic or more info, I’ll pass it along to Jeff and let him look.

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, I am also watching the videos and they are helping me too. It’s good to see that Ann is a regular woman after all. Ha. Well, she’s still very articulate, probably more so than average…
Hearing her extra explanations is making her writings even more meaningful to me. I’m trying to stay up to speed with my reading to match the video chapters, otherwise I’d probably end up lingering and “saving” the book for later.

Dianna said...

I loved reading your SWD entries today, Lisa. Thanks for sharing in your sweet way you have about you.

I tried to run ahead instead of remembering that everything doesn't have to be done TODAY...and ended up with a migraine. Tomorrow it will be much easier to remember to ENJOY THE MOMENTS.

Hugs to you, sweet friend.

Julie said...

Enjoyed checking in again to see what you are sharing. my favorites?? Your "I am looking forward to" and "I am Discovering"...Hope you have the time of your life, and yes I am realizing over and over, Jesus is sufficient in my weakness....(es)...Hugs to you Lisa.


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