FEBRUARY 2011 Posts

Sometimes it’s this (2/28)
Don’t wait for a storm. 4 things to say now (2/27)
Gonna make you stronger (2/26)
God in my yard (2/25)
Please forgive me. Again. (2/24)
Do it slow (2/23)
Wrap your sacrifice in this (2/22)
What’s on your nightstand—Feb ’11 (2/21)
1000 gifts from Him—the beginning (2/21)
For every grace denied (2/20)
“Lift Me Up” (2/19)
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis—Chapter reviews (2/18)
Promises, promises (2/18)
Is it enough to just know? (2/17)
I’m out of time—but not moments (2/16)
Are your edges fuzzy? (2/15)
It’s a crazy love (2/14)
3 pieces of advice to a new Christian (2/13)
“What Life Would Be Like” (2/12)
5 things you learn at the beach (2/11)
“Couples Who Pray Together”—Book review (2/11)
Who’s in charge of the beauty? (2/10)
Are you touchable? (2/9)
When you’re thirsty, where do you drink? (2/8)
Live unbalanced (2/7)
Before you cry “Unfair!” (2/7)
Curios—38 (2/6)
Don’t send the card? (2/6)
How to spend a life (2/5)
The car broke down, thank God! (2/4)
What I want for my daughters (2/3)
Would you love anyway? (2/2)
A first day in February (2/1)
Add the grace notes (2/1)


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