Friday’s Fave Five


1. Yearly Sleepover
Not only did the 4 Corners cram in food, conversations, and prayer last Friday night, but we also planned a 4-day trip to the beach in March. We haven’t done that since I was 19 (see above—ha). Praying all the details will work out!


2. Out of my food zone
My friend Selwyn won an auction for “Dinner with C.C.” on Saturday night, benefiting The Way. C.C. Fridlin treated us to a Barcelona Evening with a Paris Twist.

I ate my first Roasted Asparagus! asparagus with C.C.

C.C. also fed us some delicious Tostadas De Ajo, Paella Del Sol, and an apple Tart Tatin. Oh my!Selwyn and C.C. cooking3. Rowdy family night
Our Bible study group had such a great night of fellowship last Sunday at Gerry’s house, filled with laughing, praising, praying, and planning for 2011. And of course, eating (I’m detecting a theme here…)

4. And another great family night
On Wednesday night our church shared about fellowship opportunities within the body. I was so encouraged especially hearing about and from new Christians in our college ministry.

5. But a day/night at home is great too!
While I truly enjoyed # 1-4 being out with people I love, I also really enjoyed yesterday having a full day and night at home just with Jeff and Jenna, nowhere to go and nothing to do but regular stuff. Ahhh...

* * *

Did you spend time with friends this week, too?



Barbara H. said...

Love the two photos spanning several years!

My husband loves asparagus. I'm not a fan. but roasted would probably better than steamed/boiled.

You've had a lot of neat fellowship opportunities! Like you, I love them, but I need to balance it out with quiet days at home.

Carrie said...

It sounds like you had a great fun-filled week! Love your yearly sleepover. =)

Melissa said...

I completely understand about enjoying fellowship and also enjoying quiet time at home! Sounds as though you had a fabulous week--especially #1 and #2!

Dianna said...

You ladies look like you are having fun, fun and more fun! How special!

Stephani said...

Sounds like a full week Lisa. Have a great weekend!

Hazel said...

It's you in the middle!:) I love looking at old photos. I remember that "Coke is it" when I was a kid. Those family times together are just so wonderful to have. Oh, I love your hair (the roasted asparagus shot). Happy Friday!

cindy said...

Love your yesteryears and today shot. Old photos are fun to reminisce over.
We have been home bodies for a long time but this past week we went out 4 nights and we hope to have another family night this week. Maybe this week it will be a have to stay home and rest up. One of our B&B guests sent me a recipe for pickled asparagus and I haven't tried it yet but we have so much fresh asparagus we could be tired of it fast. I wonder if it would be something to freeze or too mushy, do you know?

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Lisa I love the sleepover picture! Aren't old friends some of the greatest friends! :) And your Dinner with CC sounds SO cool!! What fun that must have been!
Thanks again for all your wonderful support!!! You are so sweet!!!!!

Trisha said...

Love your fav fives, Lisa! haven't changed much in all these years. You look as lovely now as then. :) Great job trying that new food, and home with family really is the best place to be! Have a wonderful weekend.

Karyn said...

How wonderful that you have such longlasting, close friendships! I read the story you linked to and was very touched.

I love roasted asparagus! Mmmmm

Sounds like you had a real fun week!

Willow said...

Like you, I love being with friends and family, but I also treasure my 'alone times', so I really enjoyed your excellent mix of the two this week.

Susanne said...

I'm craving one of your #5's with my family! It seems we haven't had one of those in forever.

Love the pic of you when you were young and how fun that you still get together with those girls.


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