The gatherings—Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story Each week we gather to share five favorite moments from the last 7 days.
My favorites this week are times I gathered - with friends, family, and even strangers.

For more favorites, visit Susanne’s space.

1. With the 4 Corners4 CornersWe’ve been having sleepovers every year since we were in the 6th grade. We don’t stay up as late as we used to, but we still share all our secrets just the same. These are some of my closest spiritual sisters—I love them so much!

2. With the extended familyfamily_mealIt’s been a few months, but hopefully we’ve restarted our monthly tradition of sharing food and time together. This time we met at the clubhouse of my mom’s assisted living. 

3. With the drama queens (and kings)cast The hard work of Jenna’s drama group paid off! They were hilarious in their play Tuesday night. I had fun both watching them, and in gathering with old friends to catch up after the play was over.

4. With my brother
A positive side-effect of the shift in my family structure is that my siblings and I spend tons of extra time together as we straighten out finances and pull together in caring for my mom.

My brother and I have taken on some joint responsibilities, so I’ve spent more one-on-one time with him the past 6 months than ever. Together we’ve seen lawyers, doctors, and yesterday, bankers, followed by lunch.

I love how God designed my family by letting Lane be my big brother. He’s the best. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my only brother.

5. With new friendspianoJenna and I visited with my mom outside in the rocking chairs last night. There we met two brand new friends. One suggested we move our party into the parlor. Since every gathering room at the assisted living seems to have a piano, when they asked if anybody could play, I had to admit I could.

So once again we had an impromptu sing-along, and once again, nobody complained about how awful my playing is (or that the E flat key didn’t work). Being together and singing together outranks the quality of my skills. And thankfully God doesn’t measure our praise by human standards but by our hearts’ intentions.

* * *

Thanks for gathering here today!
Please share a comment below about one of your favorites this week. Let’s give thanks together!


Beth said... uplifting! How fun to "still" have sleepovers with childhood friends! Have a great weekend!

TOSHeidi said...

Great things to be thankful for this week. I love the photos of you and your girlfriends - that is SUCH a blessing!

denise said...

Sounds like more piano practicing in your future. Arch your fingers, sit up straight...

Melli said...

Lisa, YOU have had an AWESOME week! God has blessed you WELL! I love absolutely EVERY one of your five this week! I sO wish I had old girlfriends to have sleepovers with! I might have to have a sleepover with NEW girlfriends! ;)

Young Wife said...

Love the pictures! What a great week!

Brenda said...

Its true that sometimes difficulties pull us closer together. Whenever my mom is having health problems, there is a flurry of phone calls between my sisters and I.

Nice that you shared your piano playing skills with everyone.

Booklassie said...

Sounds like your brother is a real help. We have a similar situation with my mother and he has been such a help in this situation. Your group of school friends sound like a hoot. How great that you are still getting together. Have a great week.

Stephani said...

What a wonderful fave five! And I can't beleive you still have get togethers with friends from sixth grade! My oldest friends are my college buddies and none of them live anywhere near me!

Barbara H. said...

I love that last line. My aunt tells my that when they were all young, the family gathered around the piano for sing-alongs often.

The play looks and sounds fun! And I love that you have friends you still have regular sleep-overs with! And that your family has once-a-month get togethers.

Laura said...

The Four Corners -- sleepovers since 6th grade? That is SO neat!

I do love those singalongs around the piano.

Isn't it great how God put our families together?

Happy weekend!

Marg said...

What a week. I like how you compliment your family as you work through that stuff. There's lots to be said for it and Yea for the piano...What a blessing to contribute to those in assisted living.

Susanne said...

I loved this week's five. That is the coolest thing that you are still together with friends from the 6th grade. What a blessing.

I'll bet those ladies at the assisted living love your playing.

Willow said...

Having a brother who takes responsibility and is supportive is a true treasure. I have one and when we were caring for our parents, I grew to love and respect him even more.

Great Faves! I loved each one!

Dorothy said...

"Being together and singing together outranks the quality of my skills. And thankfully God doesn’t measure our praise by human standards but by our hearts’ intentions."

Those things you said about your piano playing, Lisa? That's just what I say about my singing!


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