Friends for life (Nov 28 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 28 at 'Rebecca Writes' I have three friends that I’ve known forever. We get together at set times every year.

One of those times is Thanksgiving weekend.

Today we met for lunch and catch-up.

We dug into each other’s lives as quickly and thoroughly as best friends do.

Eight parents, four husbands, ten kids, four girl/boyfriends, one s-i-l, and one future grandchild (!) later, we were up to par in the particulars of each other’s lives.

4 CornersArmed with new prayer requests, we’ll go another two months before we get together again, this time for our yearly sleepover.

I know I’m blessed having these women as friends. They love me; I love them; we all love Jesus. And I’m thankful.

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Dorothy said...

What blessing that kind of friendship is! I'm glad you have it, Lisa!


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