OCTOBER 2012 Posts

In the pain, is God still good? (10/31)
Your right to rest (10/30)
Receive your gift of grace (10/29)
Stretch out in the hammock (10/28)
When I see it I am speechless (10/27)
Grace meets need (10/26)
Watch and pray (10/25)
”Grace” by Max Lucado—Book review (10/24)
What's on your nightstand? Oct ‘12 (10/23)
Shaking off the shackles (10/22)
3 ways to suffer with grace (10/21)
Grace—Tenth Avenue North (10/20)
Intersections of grace (10/19)
Holiness—One choice at a time (10/18)
Stronger than you think (10/17)
Grace never runs dry (10/16)
Your grace looks different than mine (10/15)
Grace-a-lot (10/14)
New grace every morning (10/13)
Stay alert—How to guard against temptation (10/12)
Bible or Jesus? (10/11)
Adoption: It's about the Father (10/11)
When you see grace (10/10)
My Daybook, October ‘12 [Grace Edition] (10/9)
Look grace in the face (10/8)
Tired of talk (10/7)
“I Exalt You, O God”—Book review (10/6)
Fully paid with free delivery now (10/5)
Committed to what? Why? (10/4)
10 tips to memorize a Bible chapter (10/3)
Confident on a bad day, too? (10/3)
Worship or work? (10/2)
Grace is opposed to earning (10/1)
This was my favorite moment at church (10/1)


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