Links I like (11/02/12)

How to fit prayer into your overloaded life. “Prayer and the busy, distracted life” by Tim Kerr.

A prayer for enough. A short prayer by Randy Harris asking for “enough pain to allow us to be compassionate, enough failure to be humble in all things, . . .”

The world is watching how we treat each other. How are we doing? What a Google search

Speaking of which . . . Rachel Held Evans is hiding in your church. You may not recognize her, but don’t dismiss her questions when you hear them. They matter and need to be discussed.  Rachel-Evans-Project_thumbHow Don Richie saved lives by looking out his window. And was awarded a medal for it.

Three-point pattern about what we believe about heaven.

6 warning signs we’re becoming Accidental Pharisees. “I’ve found that becoming a modern-day, accidental Pharisee is a lot like eating at Denny’s. No one wants to go there. We just end up there.”

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