That’s grace...amazing...Jesus


say something or keep quiet

i wrestle inside
pain emerges
memories surface

what’s the right thing
   what’s the wrong thing
      what’s the Jesus thing

i pick up a rock
just a pebble of pride from my nearby pile
a gentle toss won’t do much damage


i throw
it hits
she goes down

but when i throw at her
   i hit Another
      He catches my crossfire

Jesus nabs what i hurl
and buries it dead
i meet no retaliation

that’s grace . . . that’s amazing . . . that’s Jesus

i break inside
awe seeps in
hope seeds

yet the next rock looks up
   throw me; you’ll feel better
      i listen

i retrieve a stone
of self-righteousness
it’s a dis-grace

i raise my arm
but i'm stopped
the Deliverer stays my hand

grip releases
rock falls
healing alights

that’s grace . . . that’s amazing . . . that’s Jesus

when i do the proud thing
   by grace He forgives
when i do the humble thing
   it’s grace that enables
whether i do right or do wrong 
  grace always saves

He’s amazing
He’s Jesus

* * *

Go too far with grace? There’s no way. Most people haven’t gone far enough in their understanding of it.

. . . Every subject of the Bible, every focus in our lifestyles, everything we think, do, and say is to be grounded in Jesus Christ.

It’s not about behaving the right way. It’s not about having a perfect understanding of the Bible. It’s not about anything that we do or don’t do.

It’s all about Him.

He is grace, and He is the fountainhead of everything else in life.
- STEVE McVEY, 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday

* * *



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