“Heaven help me”

This is the prayer I prayed most frequently in El Salvador:

“Lord, help me, help me, help me, help me.”

Yeah, real mature, I know. But it’s what little girls are prone to say to their daddies when they’re in over their heads.

. . . More on that later.

For now, enjoy these lyrics by Matt Maher.

Heaven Help Me
Matt Maher

I don't wanna live tomorrow
For another rainy day
I don't wanna say I'm sorry
If I can avoid the pain
I don't wanna gain the whole world
Just to turn and lose it all
’Cause when it's time to jump I don't wanna guess
If You'll gonna help break the fall
If there's any hope around

Heaven help me now
Heaven help me now
I lift You up and I lay me down
Heaven help me now

I don't wanna sing Your praises
Just to hear 'em on the radio
I don't wanna stand for justice
If I'm not among the poor
I don't wanna claim to know You
If your name's not on my heart
’Cause when it's time to go I don't wanna look back
Just to see I was playin' a part
If there's any hope around


Everybody's quoting the bible
Like it could be truth or lies
And I'm standing on the corner
With the saints and the sinners
Tryin' to quote Your love
With my life


* * *

What prayer do you frequently pray?


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