No perfect Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who love and mother children wherever they are, wherever they come from.

It’s not about fruit from your womb; it’s about nurturing the young and the vulnerable around you, regardless of who birthed them first.


No Mother’s Day is perfect.
Some miss mothers they had or wished they could have had.
Some miss children they had or wished they could have had.

And even those who are happily sandwiched in between both,
perfection is still on the loose
because no one has been, is, or will be a perfect mother or a perfect child.

But thank God for his grace that fills in the cracks
...between our imperfections and our imaginations,
...between our deficiencies and our dreams.

Because of grace, we can honor the mothers we did have,
and be respected as mothers we wished we were,
to children we birthed or to children we simply loved on.

Who needs perfect?
Grace covers.
Love fulfills. 

* * *



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