Refined by grace through relationships

with my three girls

Loving and being loved isn’t confined to a single human relationship.

Or lack thereof.

I was incredibly blessed to be loved by a godly mother.
I am abundantly grateful to get to mother two daughters.
And I thank God for the awesome mother-in-law he’s given me.

Yes, each of these relationships shape me in their own way.
I feel the giving and receiving of love in each.

But our earthly relationships shouldn’t confine us,
or define us, 
but refine us.

     Use the people in our lives as opportunities to grow in love. 
     Let our times together be filled with grace.
     Open our hearts to seek you among parents, children, friends, neighbors.
     You are in our midst everywhere. Loving and letting us love. We honor you as Father.

family 1992 
* * *

Mother’s Day brings mixed emotions for many.
I pray you feel God’s grace flowing in you and out of you in each relationship.

How is God refining you through your relationships on this day?



Barbara H. said...

"But our earthly relationships shouldn’t confine us,
or define us,
but refine us."

I like that. Very true, whether the relationships were good or bad. I'm thankful I was blessed with mostly good ones.

sarah said...

this is beautiful Lisa....I love how you wrote "But our earthly relationships shouldn’t confine us,
or define us,but refine us." And I love that you have been shaped by those amazing women who made a difference for you. Happy Mother's Day.....have a great one.


What a grateful heart you have and how blessed you are. It made me remember how blessed I am. Thanks for the great post and Happy MOther's Day, Dr. Bobbi

micey said...

Happy Mother's Day!

micey said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Renee said...

Lovely post, Lisa and sweet photos with memories you cherish I am sure. Have a blessed Mother's Day.

no spring chicken said...

I've been known to say "relationship is everything." It may not be entirely true, but I believe people often put to many things ahead of relationship and the results can be dire. Great post.

Blessings, Debbie

Debbie said...

I too have mixed emotions on Mother's Day. My mom died six years ago and I miss her so. She was a Christian and she was my mom and my friend. I was unable to have children and yet I love them so. The Lord has given me a gift of working with little children this year. Even though it wouldn't have been what I would chose or envision for my life, He knew what He was doing. And I'm so grateful for that. I am greeted each morning with 19 three year olds telling me that they love me. How good is that?

Blessings and love,

Pamela said...

So many "mothers" have touched my life. Each one refining me in their own way. I so hope to be that kind of "mother" to not only my daughters but others as well.

Happy Mother's Day!

Katie said...

"But our earthly relationships shouldn’t confine us,
or define us,
but refine us"

So true... at least for me and my life. Grace has been shown today in so many ways.

Thank you!

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Thank-you for this post today,as I am one with many~many different emotions.
God Bless,

Charlotte said...

I've been blessed to have so many loving relationships during my lifetime. It's so true we learn something from everyone we have a relationship with. Thank you for this encouraging post.
Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

Karen said...

This was worded so beautifully...I hope you had a blessed Mother's Day!


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