Graces from God...embedded in people

clockOne thing’s for sure...
even if it gets worse for awhile,
it will get better in the end.

You can count on it.

For those in Christ anyway.

Last Monday, my digital clock was blank every time I’d look at it (which was often).

This Monday, the diligent utility workers have energy pumping through the power veins again. Life as I knew it, only slightly altered in form, is returning. Things are easier.

It doesn’t always happen so quickly. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until this life ends.

But for my week, this week, I saw it soon...and I count the graces.

# 191....193
~ Brothers-in-law helping with generators so sisters can visit.generators~ Talking outside with neighbors we don’t see very often
~ Singing with the church “Had It Not Been the Lord,” “Worthy Lord,” “Mighty to Save”

# 194....197
~ A neighboring dance company loaning its studios so our ballet classes wouldn’t have to be cancelled from flooded floors jt ballet class
~ Quickly planned high school party to make up for cancelled classeshands
~ Handsome male guest at Beautiful little girl’s birthday partybirthday_partyGod made it better.
Through His people.
Through His Love.

It’s all grace.

* * *

In whom have you seen God’s grace this week?



Lynda said...

Wonderful things and people to be thankful for! Your blog is featured this week as A Shining Blog. I hope you like the button I made. If you want to grab it for your sidebar I would be honored. Thank you for being such a blessing to me and all those who find your beautiful blog.

Barbara H. said...

All great blessings! I am glad God brought good things out of the bad.

Donna said...

Well, Lisa, I see the grace of God through your posts. Your encouragement links the Word of God with life - so real, so relevant, so true.

Thank you.

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Lynda. I appreciate the sweet words you shared. Sometimes we all have doubts about doing the blogging thing so it’s nice to get affirmation that we’re all in this together.


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