I need a miracle


You recognize them. The signs of the homeless. Those needing help.

But this sign was different. Jeff saw it last week. Driving under the overpass of E470 in Denver, he spotted the man in dirty clothes and a cap.

And his sign.
It said:
     “I need a miracle.”

That was all.
I need a miracle.

I do.
You, too?

If you’re in Christ, you’ve already received a huge one.
The miracle of life. A rescue straight from the mouth of destruction. A deliverance that never ends.

But God doesn’t stop there.

He brings fresh miracles every morning. Maybe we don’t recognize them as such, but how many unexplained and supernatural gifts have we unwrapped by nightfall?

  • The sarcastic outburst I had last night?
         Washed away. Miracle.
  • The friend I meant to check on but ‘forgot’?
         Second chance. Miracle.
  • The attitude I harbored that “I would never do that!”?
         Forgiven. Miracle.

Miracles of grace.
Recognize them. They’re the signs of the saved. Those receiving help.

I need them. Every day.
He gives them. Every day.
So I thank him. Every day. You, too?

We are still alive because the LORD'S faithful love never ends.
Every morning he shows it in new ways!
You are so very true and loyal!

Lamentations 3:22-23 (ERV)

* * *

How have you experienced a miracle today?


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