Every year needs a story

I’ve just started my 49th one.

I first saw the idea on a blog a year or two ago. Before her 60th birthday, the writer wanted to do 60 random acts of kindness. The idea stuck with me.

Could I do this too?

Could I do 50 random acts of kindness before I turn 50?
Fifty grace-filled things outside my normal routine to better someone’s day, somehow?

But instead of random acts, could I take it one level deeper and make them count for the Kingdom?

What about 50 random Kingdom acts of kindness?

I’ve decided to try.

So Tuesday after Jenna and I saw “The Help” (again), I stuck this post-it note on the bathroom mirror at the movie theater. (Operation Beautiful* inspired the idea; Kathryn Stockett inspired the quote—watch it here.)

you_is_kind_you_is_smart. operation_beautiful

A small act indeed.

But I pray that somebody washing their hands after seeing the movie will read the note. And maybe smile. And maybe God will get a tiny bit of credit due Him.

I have no idea what story God is going to write with this year of my life. I’ve yet to predict a year’s story right. 

But I do know the main character won’t be me. Ultimately all our stories revolve around Him, whether we acknowledge it or not.

I want to live aware of that. Of Him. 
I want my story to center around Him.
One act of kindness at a time.

* * *

The Christmas season is a great time for simple acts of kindness. Received any? Given any?

* The mission of Operation Beautiful is
to post anonymous notes in public places
for other women to find.
The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.
You are enough... just the way you are!


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