Friday’s Fave Five # 122

Some weeks it’s the simplest things.

Even our ordinary blessings are extraordinary.
Here are five of mine from the past seven days.

1. A lunch tradition
I don’t see my life-long besties often during the year (even though one lives practically across the street—shame on us!), but I do see them at set determined times each year. Lunch during Thanksgiving weekend is one of our regular times to catch up. I loved eating at Applebee’s last Saturday with them.

2. Nice medical staff   
It’s nice when you can be excited about seeing your oral surgeon’s assistant. Heather’s grandmother and my mother had been in the same assisted living last year (after we talked about it at the oral surgeon’s office). And Dr. Meyers is as nice a guy as you can find to take our your daughter’s wisdom teeth (right, Jenna?).

3. The dollar movie
I hate paying full-price at the movie theater, so it was fun seeing “The Help” again with Jenna for $1.50 each. Add in two popcorns and one coke for $1 each, and our whole outing only cost $6.00 for two people. A great price for an afternoon of playing hooky!

4. Guest week at ballet   
IMG_0485-1Wednesday was the first time I got to watch Jenna’s ballet class since she switched studios this year. Oh my. How do they remember those awkward moves and those French names? I now have even more appreciation for dancers. (I also left tucking my tummy in and standing up straighter.)

5. A daughter visit!
My 22-year-old married daughter is coming home this weekend while her husband stays home and studies for final exams. (I still can’t get used to saying “married” and “husband” regarding my baby girl.) I’m excited about her visit!

* * *

What’s an extraordinary blessing you’ve seen this week?

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