5 reasons to love birthdays

birthday flowersToday I turn 49. Jeff bought me these flowers; aren’t they lovely?

1. A fresh start
Birthdays are like New Year’s Day. You get to start over with a new number. That refreshes me. I have plans for how I want to live this final year of my 40s, Lord willing.

2. Birthday love
I’m not about the presents (although they are nice!), but I do love the cards and wishes from friends and family in person and on-line (aren’t Facebook birthdays fun?). It makes our special days even more special.

3. Closer to Heaven
While I’m in no mad rush to depart, I do know the best things are yet to come and I look forward to that. Each birthday means we’re one year closer to living face-to-face with Jesus.

4. Take a break
Because my birthday always falls close to Thanksgiving (if not on it), I’ve usually been out of school, off work, visiting with family, etc. But even if your birthday isn’t near a holiday, don’t you usually take some kind of break for yourself just because it’s your birthday? I try to stay out of the kitchen on mine. :-)

5. The chocolate
But in the end, isn’t it really all about the chocolate? :-) I sniff that it’s coming to me soon. We’re eating (another) family meal tonight, and I’ve got a hunch that the cake my mother-in-law is making for me will be tall with chocolate!

* * *

What do you love about your birthday?


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