What is it?

We pick up rules before we have a chance to question them.
~ ELLEN LANGER, Mindfulness

What is this?  *2147-1

(a) wet/dry hand block sander
(b) cigarette roller
(c) miniature dog sled
(d) grill and bacon press

We called it the Liar's Game. An unusual object was placed in the front of the room. Four people would explain—confidently but contradictorily—what the object was and its use, only one of which was accurate. The crowd would vote on the correct use.

We didn't know we were practicing mindfulness.

Are you creative? Then you're also mindful. So says Ellen Langer in chapter 7—“Creative Uncertainty”—of Mindfulness.

Much of creativity is in asking questions, looking for new ways of doing things, finding unusual uses for usual objects, not automatically accepting the status quo.

When I travel, I pack clothespins. Not to hang up clothes (although occasionally I’ll drip-dry a swimsuit) but because I'll need to play “What is it?”.
• Curtains don’t meet to block out the light? The clothespin becomes a curtain-closer.
• Didn't eat all the popcorn? The clothespin becomes a bag clip.
• Got a buggy computer cord that has to be held just so (I hope this never happens to you)? The clothespin becomes a cord-holder.

I long to create. Because it's part of God in me. It's part of being made in his image. It's part of knowing him more, showing him more.

If I fail to exercise that part of me, I fail to be in touch with that part of God.
I want to touch all of God I can.

And I also want you to.
Because I can't see all aspects of God. Neither can you.

But we can see more of God together than we can see alone.

When Bach was asked how he found his melodies, he said, “The problem is not finding them, it's—when getting up in the morning and getting out of bed—not stepping on them.”

As God breathes creative expressions into your soul, nurture them; don’t smother them.

You may not create piano masterpieces or paint great works of art, but you can...
• approach scripture with an open mind.
• Or worship with a new mode of expression.
• Or see God in a place you’ve never seen him before.

Or write a blog post.

We can create.
We can be mindful.
We can share God.

* What was it?

(b) My grandfather’s Brown and Williamson Cigarette Roller

~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~

Thanking God for his gifts of creative grace, # 419-435

~ a workable reading plan...authors I learn from
~ really enjoying book 3 of H.P.
~ time to write
~ yard sales...Krispy Kreme doughnuts
~ Thursday night piano playing...worship through fingers
~ short haircuts
~ invention of Skype...a niece in NY to Skype with
~ voices of Freely...Bethany Dillon...Shane and Shane
~ watching movies with Jenna...home alone with Jeff
~ the God who continues to create


Mindfulness* * *

Did you guess the object correctly?

How do you practice your creativity?

Join in the conversation at The High Calling on creative uncertainty.

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