Do you read it every day?

If we agree about the importance of claiming time and of ordering our daily lives we must insist at all costs that certain things must be done.

In other words if I really believe that the Bible is more important to me than the daily newspaper, I must read my Bible before I read the newspaper.
~ MARTYN LLOYD-JONES, Spiritual Depression

I don’t think we’re required to read the Bible every day.
But I think it’s beneficial.

I don’t always do it. It still doesn’t come naturally. I’ve had to make it a guideline (held loosely) that I read the Bible before I pick up other books each weekday.

daddy's bibleIs that legalistic? 

I also make myself eat lunch before I eat Oreos; I know it’s best for me. And once I get started, I never regret the real meal.

But I don’t want to do spiritual disciplines out of guilt. Or out of duty. Or because of rules.

Not so I’ll be saved. I’m already saved.

I want to do spiritual disciplines so that I’ll keep growing more in love with the Lord and want to share him more with others.

These words below by Martyn Lloyd-Jones inspire me. They tell me to keep pressing in with discipline.

What do you hear when you read them?

The error of justification by works is in trusting to the discipline of your own soul to save your soul; but the opposite to trusting to your works is not to do nothing, it is to do everything but not to put your trust in any of it.

~ + ~ + ~

My prayer time must be insisted upon, I must have my time for meditation; whatever else is not done, I must do these things.

So many people fail and become miserable and depressed simply because they have not taken themselves in hand.

You will have to do it yourself, it will never be done for you, indeed, nobody else can do it for you.

~ + ~ + ~

Add to your faith moral energy, pull yourself together, don't shuffle through your Christian life, walk through it as you should do with vigour.

~ + ~ + ~

But all the time you must realize that your action alone will never be enough, but that God is certainly a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

* * *

What do you think about daily Bible reading or other spiritual disciplines?


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