Twitter prayers

Here’s what I’ve discovered:
When I tweet about a prayer need, people I know in real life pray, but people I know only through technology also pray. 

It’s a wonderful use of social networking. And short messages.

Writing thoughts in 140 characters or less for Twitter is sometimes easy, sometimes hard.

The same with praying. Sometimes it takes lots of words to spit out all I want to say to the Lord.

But other times, it takes very few words to send him my message. twitter_prayers

Some of my favorite “twitter prayers” to God:

  • Help me, please!
  • You are so awesome.
  • Please forgive me. Again. 
  • I praise you, Lord.
  • I need your love.
  • You are enough.
  • Why are you so good to me?
  • I can’t do this on my own.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • I believe; help my unbelief.
  • I love you!

Short, easy prayers (but I’m not penalized for exceeding 140 characters whenever I need to).

God’s service is never down. His connection is full bars. His updates are always relevant. He retweets my requests to the right people. He lets just anybody be his follower, and he always follows you back. He never spams and needs no blocking.

He reads and answers every single tweet he receives. Every single one.

The perfect Twitter Friend.

He’s the King of social networking...and mental transformation...and lifestyle modification...and replacing bad hearts with pure ones.

He does it all. Tweet that!

* * *

Do you have a favorite “twitter prayer” that packs lots of meaning in very few words?

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HisFireFly said...

He loves our cries, plain or fancy, long short. Love us simple and pure. Love.

Holly Walker said...

I like this post! I've prayed for several people this morning that had request on facebook & etc. God is not limited...

Love Bears All Things said...

You're right. I'm still amazed that God is using this technology but I shouldn't be....I believe we are spreading the word through our blogs. We can reach the world.
Mama Bear


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