A prayer to bless

Numbers_6_24-26While I try to pray for my family every day (and fail often), I also try to give them each their own day of the week for more extended offerings. Jeff is Monday, Morgan is Tuesday,....

And while I don’t want to use a formula, I do use this guideline I saw a few years ago when I pray for them individually:

  • B – Body
    Specific physical needs, purity issues, health
  • L – Labor
    Work, school, ministries
  • E – Emotions
    Stability in circumstances, healthy expressions of feelings, self-control,...
  • S – Social
    Relationships—with family members, friends, acquaintances
  • S – Spiritual
    Relationship with God. The most important.

This blessing can cover most everything in a life.

Isn’t praying to bless one of the best ways to love those you care about?

* * *

revised from the archives

What helps you pray for others?


Trisha said...

Wonderful way to remember the many things we need to pray about for our families, Lisa! And, yes, it's the thing we so often neglect while being one of the best ways to truly love them and bless them.

Michelle said...

This is a great idea.
I've haven't seen this before.
Thanks for sharing

messy marriage said...

I've never seen this acrostic before. Thanks for sharing!

Faith said...

I have tears in my eyes....i was so discouraged this morning about prayer. long story. but seeing this is just a God-send! I've never seen this acrostic before...would you mind if I copied it for my small group members???

Lisa notes... said...

I’m so glad that this blessed you just when you needed it. God is so wise and kind to help us in our times of need. Of course you may copy it!


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