First, show up!

(Continuing my grace-count to 1000...)

I didn’t want to go to church yesterday morning.
And I actually did stay in bed long enough to miss Sunday school.

But because I know God encourages me there (# 198),
and because I love to see my friends there (# 199),
and because I had already missed two Sundays with this body,
I went to church anyway (# 200).

I showed up.

And what happens when we show up?
God meets us there (# 201).

I was encouraged to see an estranged husband show up to sit by his wife (# 202), to hear the church show up in singing “Amen (# 203) in soft tones for Jesus’ death (# 204) and boisterous ones for his resurrection (# 205), to feel my heart show up after the first few words of “Prince of Peace (# 206).

So why, oh why, did I almost not show up for our small group last night?
Will I never learn?

The pull of an quiet, empty house (# 207) was calling me. I could have several hours to myself; Jenna would be at Teen Time and Jeff would be at work.

So when Ed (# 208) asked me if I was coming, I said no. But he said I should come (# 209); we’d be planning the next few months.

And I changed my mind (# 210), “Yes, I’ll come.”

Lesson learned  (# 211) (for the gazillionth time):
Take that first step. When I’m tired and busy and have other things pulling on me, just point my toes in the right direction anyway.

So I showed up to small group (# 212).

And got to sing praise to Father with the family (# 213).
Got to go around hearing and saying things we were thankful for (# 214).
Got to go around again and pray (# 215).
Got to hear Ed tell me (# 216), “I’m glad you decided to show up.”

I’m glad I decided to show up too (# 217). 

Sometimes showing up means stepping out to do ministry outside our home.
Sometimes it means being fully present to our kids inside our homes.
Or sparing time and energy for the end of the day with our husbands.

When we don’t show up, we limit our receiving of what God has put there for us to pick up. And we reduce our chance for giving away what we’ve been blessed to hand out.

And worse, we rob God of glory that is due him.

We don’t have to have every step planned out when we show up or understand exactly what our purpose will be there or even know what the outcome should be. That’s God’s job.

Sometimes our job is just to put ourselves there.

Let God do the rest.

If we want to see him in action, we make ourselves available. We serve a big God who wants to work through his people. Wherever “available” is in this season for you, step into it.

Just show up.

* * *

Where do you need to show up today?



Beth said...

okay okay...I get it! lol... I do need to show up today as I didn't yesterday! I need to show up for my students... I miss them last Friday and they need me there 100% today! Thanks

Julie said...

well, if we are asking for a show of hands here....GUILTY!...thanks for a moving reminder, Lisa. "quiet, empty house" got me! especially right now with a large amount of chaos recently...
Showing Up can bring many different and delightful surprises. HUGS!

Lisa notes... said...

Didn’t mean to step on your toes. Ha. Especially with your new running shoes on! :-) You’re in a busy season too; I think it’s harder to show up FULLY in those times, but praying you’ll be 100% today like you want to be.

Lisa notes... said...

With all you have going on, you’re doing well to keep your head above water. One thing that amazes me about you is how often you “show up” for your husband even when he’s not with you. I read it behind your words and hear it in your heart. I know the Spirit is at work in you to be able to do that. I pray that your move is going to be super blessed, sweet friend!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I love the way you write you list of gratitude! It is beautiful. HE really does meet us there. What a special gift! :)

Barbara H. said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only one with such feelings. For some reason, the older I get the more I don't like to go out. I love being home in the evenings, and the pull of a quiet, empty house is a strong one at any time, but especially Sunday mornings. But I do go, and usually am blessed in many of the same ways. I guess the ol' flesh won't stop pulling until we're rid of it in heaven.

tinuviel said...

Good words. As an introvert, I fight the same battle in certain seasons that makes me want to stay home. God is so gracious to move us towards doing His will when we don't feel like it or even want to, and then showering us with blessings anyway.

Thanks for sharing your struggle. Grace and peace to you and yours!

NikoleHahn said...

Spoke right to my heart. I'm waiting for people to show up.

Denise said...

thank you lisa.

so glad i stopped by here today.

to be encouraged to "point my toes in the right direction... and just show up"

to point my heart in the right direction and show up.

to pray for a friend who struggle with this too.

Kristy said...

Great list - like the way you wrote it also!
I must confess, that lately the quiet of home has been lulling me to stay at home, instead of venturing out. Many times I actually have to force myself to go to church and call friends for coffee/lunch dates. I am always blessed when I do, but a bible study at home, or a good book, usually temps me to stay by myself.
Thanks for sharing!

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

This is such a wonderful way to post your list! I am so glad that God was good to you as you met Him in His place. Blessings!

Lisa notes... said...

Sounds like I’m not alone in seeking refuge at home. I honestly do love my friends, but I’m totally comfortable being by myself too. I have to work on finding the right balance…

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

"sometimes our job is to put ourselves there" that!

His Song to Sing said...

As you can tell I'm way behind on reading your posts but wanted to say this one really rang true with me. I can learn a lot from you and the way you are "counting." I have a Facebook Discussion Group going on Ann's book. Would you be interested in joining our conversation? I hope you don't mind that I linked this post on our page today.

And thanks for your comment about my post on our time doing tornado relief work in your home state last weekend. Your fellow Alabamians are survivors! I was so encouraged by their strength.


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