Study Philippians together!Philippians Study

Kat, Lara, and Katie have put together a very manageable
summer reading plan through Philippians.

It’s simple but thorough.

This is Week 1, Philippians 1:1-11.

Monday: Read the text. Jot down any questions or observations you have.
Tuesday: Read the text three times, looking for truths...
...Download the full instructions here.

Please join us for the study at Do Not Depart!


Lisa writes... said...

I have just begun memorizing the book of Philippians!

Lisa notes... said...

I saw that! Good for you. I am STILL trying to memorize it. I made it through Easter and "completed" it, but I'm still very inconsistent on anything past chapter 1... I'll have to keep at it but that's okay. It's such good stuff. I pray the Lord blesses you in it too.

Kimberly said...

Philippians is probably my favorite book in the Bible. At least it's one that I turn to a lot and find strength in no matter if I am on a mountain or crossing a valley.


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