But wait…there’s more!

Do you ever do the “wrap a box within a box within a box” thing? It’s funny. box in a box People laugh.

But they keep going. They don’t stop at the first box. They open the next one. And the next.

Until they get to the real gift.

I opened up a box on Sunday night. It was in my car, hitching a ride to our small group study. The box was named Louise.

She was the outer box. God wrapped her beautifully.

nested dolls But inside that box, lay another gift. I unwrapped and found wisdom.

I needed the words that Louise shared about caring for her two mentally-challenged brothers and her elderly father in her home.

Another level down?
I saw Jesus.

Later, I shared my own worries with the group. Another sister did the same. The group gathered close around us. Another box. Another gift.

I opened that one. It revealed more. Our friends placed their arms around our shoulders or put a hand on our own.  

But wait Then the words came. They prayed. For me. For each other. Offerings to the Father, incense wafting to heaven.

Inside that center box?
I saw Jesus.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights.       James 1:17

All the way down, at the very center of every good gift, you’ll find Him.

He’s the Giver.

He’s the Gift. 

Don’t stop at the pretty packaging. Keep opening, keep seeking. Past the human touch, past the audible words, even past the prayers.

See the Gift.
Wrapped in the flesh of a baby,
but unwrapped as the Messiah, the Lord, the King of Kings. 

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!                2 Corinthians 9:15

* * *

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Kristy said...

What a wonderful post! Beautifully said (and thought out). Oh, that others would see Jesus in me - that is my prayer. Also, that we would look for Him in others and in ALL things! Thanks for the wonderful reminder!
(Yes, I am Brenda's cousin :) )

Esther said...

My family and friends are some of the best gifts for this very reason. I was in the dumps this morning and a simple conversation (problem still not solved) with one of these gifts completely uplifted my gaze. And then your post...thank you for the gift.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

I'm thrilled that your daughter is getting to "live the dream of being a dancer."

I saw my husband reading my blog today but he is of the mindset that the funeral will be for him and what he wants NOT what I want--he says it won't matter to me then and I am prone to agree with him (tongue in cheek).

I loved your post. Yes, so true. Thanks for opening a few boxes over at my post today. Merry Christmas, Dianne

Joyeful said...

"Unwrapped as the Messiah, the Lord, the King of Kings."

So beautiful! And you took the time to SEE him, to peer through the packaging and recognize the gift inside!

Hazel said...

Alright I'll keep seeking eventhough most of the time I don't know how actually. Thanks for the message today.

Lisa notes... said...

Actually I have YOU to thank for me finding Ann's site to begin with. Brenda passed it along to me via you. :-)

God is good to engage us in conversations with others at just the right time, huh?

Good luck getting what you want at your funeral. You're right--you probably won't care by then. :-)

"Peer through the packaging"--I should have used that line myself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I agree that sometimes even the seeking isn't so easy to figure out. But one sure way is to read one of the four gospel books of the New Testament. I particularly like the book of John because it gives me a more intimate feel of who Jesus really is. Blessings to you as you continue to seek him in your journey!


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