6:00 – 7:00 a.m. (Nov 9 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 9 at_Rebecca Writes It’s my magic hour.

Because my current “job” requires no commute, no dressing up, no clock-punching, no baby-feeding, I’m blessed to not have to use this hour anymore to take a shower and dress up and hit the traffic, or prod kids to get up and start the routine themselves to get out the door.

It’s simply bonus time. A freebie.

I usually stay in bed and read. Plan the day. Pray. Think. Sometimes write.

If I’m too sleepy to read, I listen to John Piper or somebody equally encouraging on my mp3. Or if I think there’s a chance of it, I try to sleep. 6.38 a

When 7:00 hits, my mind has to shift. To workouts and cooking breakfast and schoolwork and getting on with the day.

But until then, I enjoy the sweetness of first light with Abba Father.

It’s a gift. This time for this season. We’re each given different ones. Ones that match our needs. I know I am blessed with this one.

And I know Who to thank for it. Yahweh — He is most generous with the presents of His presence. Thank you, Lord.


Karen said...

I was encouraged when reading this post. I appreciated you sharing things that you do during that quiet morning time with the Lord. I think so many times, many think that quiet time with the Lord means you have to do Bible study/devotional and pray. That includes myself. Well, the fact is, just spending time with Him is the goal. Sometimes that may mean reading His Word, sometimes it's a time of focused prayer, sometimes it's just sitting and chatting with Him about the day, etc. What I appreciated is that you shared how some mornings, if you're too tired you might listen to teaching on your MP3 (I've never listened to John Piper but I have read quotes from him) or sometimes even sleep. Sometimes we just need sleep. And I think the Lord understands that. Today, that was the case for me. I actually went to bed around 9:30pm last night which is unusually early for me. I slept until around 6:30am this morning but then just laid in bed and dozed off and on until about 7:30am. I tell ya, I feel much better this morning - more rested! I think it's been awhile since I've felt this rested! Anyway, I guess I'm rambling.

Thank you for this post!
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Brenda said...

I love having time alone in the morning as well. I feel like I can pray better and reflect easier when I am fresh, not tired and not distracted.


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