My church home (Nov 8 – Thanks)

November of Thanks8 at 'Rebecca Writes' I remember the in-between stage. We had left one caring church family, but hadn’t found a new one.

For awhile we wandered. We visited the churches of our parents, a sibling, the grandparents. Those were good, but they weren’t us.

And then we found Central.

We intended to visit it as one among many more, but once we got there, we never left. It felt right. The people loved the Lord. And they loved each other. Some were quirky; others were straight arrows. A beautiful mixture of rich and poor, black and white, young and old. We could blend right in.

For fifteen years now, it’s been a place of intimate friendships and spiritual growth and healing nourishment.

It’s not perfect; we can be a dysfunctional family in certain ways. But the Lord is present there. It is home.

And I am thankful. 

Central Family


elizabeth said...

Planted in the house of the Lord...I love it Lisa...and I LOVE the picture!

G said...

I miss Central!!!

I like the new blog layout. A little too girly for me, but perfect for you.


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