Desire This the Most (Day 8, Proverbs)

Proverbs 8:11
"For wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her."

What do I desire? What brings me pleasure?
  • Uncontrollable laughing with my girls over silly things
  • A Saturday at home with nowhere to go and no work in sight
  • Having an uninterrupted, extended, lay-it-all-out conversation with the Lord
  • A big slice of gooey chocolate chip pie, fresh out of the oven, melting whipped cream on top
  • The satisfaction of putting the final touches on a project and saying “Done!”
  • Singing meaningful praise songs (with seriously good backgrounds) to our Father with my brothers and sisters in a hot room on a Sunday afternoon
  • Waking up to discover the sun has risen already instead of it still being night
  • Holding hands, skin to skin, with my husband anywhere, anytime
I enjoy those things. I desire those things. But I’m supposed to desire wisdom more than those things? Even more than the pure things (I’ll kick out the pie)? Or is this one of those proverbs that shouldn’t be pushed too far?

If I equate “wisdom” with Jesus, as I’m prone to do since he is the epitome of all wisdom and he is truth personified, perhaps it’s impossible to push the proverb too far.

Nothing compares with Him.

The essence of Jesus himself is even better than studying about him or singing to him or talking with him. I'm thankful he blesses me with those delights for my pleasure and for his glory. But he outweighs them all.

The Lord is it. The Lord is enough, for who he is. He alone, above everything else, is uncomparable.


Lynn said...

Lisa! I love your walk through the Proverbs. There is much pause for thought as I journey with you. It is interesting that wisdom is portrayed as a woman, don't you think?

I'll just say that I do concur with your thought that Jesus is the all in ALL, that emanating from Wisdom [Him] is the balance which comprises all the things that do delight us, the righteous and proper things that delight us. They are part of wisdom and given to us to show us the many facets of Him. After all, He did create chocolate! and giggles and loved a good laugh himself amidst all the more intense times He endured.

I am just adding on here to what you began. The balance scale is a perfect visual. Too much of the intellectual side of wisdom [ gaining knowledge] removes us from the huge range of how he longs for us to be fully human and fully alive in Him and with Him.

Bless you!

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see you as a woman of much wisdom.

Yes, Jesus points us to the most fulfilling ways to be delighted, without harm. We are so richly blessed to have his guidance. I pray for clearer vision to see his guidance more, and for stronger obedience to follow what he shows me... I'm thankful that he often uses other people to lead the way!

And I try to eat my chocolate with balance. ;-) It is definitely a delightful creation.


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