What's my jewelry? (Day 7, Proverbs)

Proverbs 7:3
“Bind them [my commandments and teaching] on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.”

I’m cleaning under my bed today. The ϋber-dusty box of treaures (i.e., miscellaneous objects that I don’t know where else to put) will no longer fit, so it’s time to cull.

As I go through the box, mostly hand-written cards and kids’ artwork, I also find a narrow cardboard box of jewelry. Removing the rubber band, inside I discover the bracelet I wore on my wedding day, my very first pair of diamond earrings (but so tiny it’s hard to say), and various broken or mismatched bracelets and earrings that I suppose I couldn’t part with.

But today I have a friend helping me. What looks like prime trash to me (exceptions being the wedding bracelet and a few other pieces) is glistening gold to the eyes of a 6-year-old. As I graciously offer to fill her treasure box with my hand-me-down jewelry, her eyes widen with joy. (Her mother can thank me later.)

Notoriously missing among the jewelry, though, are rings. Zero rings. The only rings I even own are my wedding band and engagement ring. So reading Proverbs 7:3 “bind them on your fingers” means these things must be really worthy. The commandments and teachings of a Father to a father to his son are indeed worthy. They are so special that they’re to be looked at every day.

And to write them on your heart means they’re also to be felt. Lived and breathed. They are to be a part of who we are.

Are they? Am I living my life adorned in God’s precious promises for blessings and his curses for deterrents? (1 Peter 3:3-4)

Which ones make the cut to be entwined around my fingers and engraved on my soul? And which ones do I toss away as child’s play?

May I sift through my treasures with discernment and wisdom.

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Lisa writes... said...

These posts on Proverbs are great! Keep 'em coming!


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