“Spiritual Growth” is a red flag?

The paragraph below from Jesus Man of Joy caught me by surprise.

“Spiritual growth” sends up a red flag? But I see what the author is saying. If we perceive our growth = we are getting bigger or becoming more, then we’re going the wrong direction spiritually.

"So the last will be first, and the first last."
~ Matthew 20:16

But if my “growth” means less of me (which is shrinkage, actually), and more of God, then may I “grow” smaller every day.

“When I hear people talk on the subject of “spiritual growth” I send up a red flag. I can’t help it. I know there is such a thing as spiritual growth, and I salute it and believe in it. But in my own life I have learned that a lot of such growth consists simply of my getting out of God’s way. It is actually shrinkage rather than growth. I am certain that God does not want me to develop into a spiritual giant in my own eyes, even if I could. He wants me to become a spiritual pygmy so He can handle me. He wants me poor in spirit so He can do something with me without His having to contend with ever-present darling ego.” (p 71)
~ Sherwood Eliot Wirt (© 1991)


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