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God in the Yard

God_in_the_Yard_by_L.L.BarkatWhat you can learn
when you spend time with
God in the Yard

Can you pause a little each day for 12 weeks?

God invites you to meet him in outdoor solitude.

It’s a different kind of spiritual discipline, none like I have done before.

And it’ll look different for you than it does for me.

Try it and see what God shows you!
He showed me this.

One suggestion in the book is to blog or journal about what you’re learning.
Here is what he’s teaching me:

1. 5 things you learn at the beach
Walk the beach and pick up these five lessons.

2. Are your edges fuzzy?
Where do the weeds stop and the flowers begin? Find delight in boundaries.

3. Promises, promises
Five promises God makes to you from Psalm 145.

4. For every grace denied
When God’s grace doesn’t show up like you expected…

5. Do it slow
What if God is telling you to slow down?

6. God in my yard
Lessons you learn from being outside.

7. 5 things worth celebrating
Five blessings you can celebrate every week.

8. Leave it open
Leave a hole in time for God. What might he show you?

9. Delight in his works!
Five reasons why you should delight in God’s works.

10. Rest in the mess
Sometimes you’re a mess. Is God okay with that?

11. Listen down deep
Water seeks the lowest spot. Do you? Are you at the foot of the cross?

12. The intimacy of sounds
If listening is one path to intimacy, what have you physically heard this week to draw you closer to him?

13. Put your head underwater
What are you afraid of? Are you playing it too safe?

14. 5 To-Do’s from God in the Yard
Five lessons I hope I continue doing.

* * *

If you’ve tried this or something similar,
I’d love to know what you learned.


Rebecca said...

I hadn't seen this book yet...thanks for highlighting it. I spend a lot of time outdoors and feel that is some of my best time with my Heavenly Father!

Lisa notes... said...

If you already enjoy being outside (I do too), you would probably enjoy this book too. There's not a lot of content, but it prompts you to think through different themes. The main thing is what you do with the book, not the reading anyway.


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