The intimacy of sounds

What can we learn from sounds?

A bee’s buzz tells us we’re too close.
A child’s squeal says somebody is having fun.
A snoring husband means my reading light obviously isn’t bothering him.

Sound has been a theme for me this week in God in the Yard. Sounds in words of poetry, sounds in quietness, lack of sounds in silence.

But how does God come into play? If listening is one path to intimacy, what have I physically heard this week to draw me closer to him?

Here are 5 ordinary sounds I heard sitting outside yesterday.
And when I really listened, this is how they pulled me in extraordinarily to God...

1. Hammering of construction workers

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11 

I’ve always been intrigued by the Greek word for “build one another up.” It’s oikodomeo, literally, to build a house or erect a building.

Hearing the construction sounds means someone is getting a new house, a safe haven, a gathering place for family. God tells us repeatedly to build each other up, to edify each other. I’m glad he invites our participation in helping each other find that safe gathering place in him.

2. Water overflowing from a stormPebble Brook
It’s still quite loud behind me. I wrote about this sound on Wednesday, how the water reminds me of God’s deluge of Christ’s blood, pouring over me, covering me with his grace. What a bounty he supplies!

3. Beeping of my cell phone
In this case, it’s Jenna texting me an answer to a prayer. We had prayed 30 minutes earlier about her friend who was missing, failing to show up for a music lesson. No one knew where she was. Turns out, the clock didn’t either. She only lost track of time; all was well, praise God.

We knew God knew where this friend was all along. The beeping text reminded me that God never loses track of us. He is always watching, always caring, always in control.

4. Birds, birds, birds
I hear them singing praise to their maker. It comes naturally to them. How about us? I remember a stanza from “Ain’t No Rock” that I heard on the way into church Wednesday night:

“Ain't no bird gonna sing in my place
I lift my voice to glorify His holy name”

5. Dog yelping. Then another. Then another.
“I’m lonely.”
“I hear you.”
“Me, too.”
“Me, three.”

Their chain reaction reminds me that God placed me in a neighborhood, in a church community, a homeschool covering, a family, a circle of friends...all places full of sounds of companionship and love and fellowship, and all places I can get affirmation of his love for me and opportunities for me to show his love to others.

* * *

David listened first.
The sounds he heard led him to praise (Psalm 104:24,33).

How have you heard him this week?


Cherie Hill said...

This was an awesome post! I love how you found God speaking through the smallest things in everyday life! I'm going to stop and take notice of life around me more . . . listening for a Word from the Lord to strengthen my faith!

Dee said...

I love your sounds and what they bring to mind. I've always been partial to the sound of train whistles and mourning doves. Of course, the sound of lawn mowers always let me know we've finally arrived at warmer temps. Unfortunately, I haven't heard any of those yet. Have a great week!

Lisa notes... said...

Sometimes it’s a struggle for me to force myself to just sit still (although I’m not sure why!). So this has been a good (but difficult) spiritual practice for me to slow down and pay closer attention. Praying you get that word!

I almost added the sound of lawn mower to my list. :-) I heard one yesterday as I was writing. Yes, I am SO glad it means we’ve arrived at warmer temps and grateful that God continues to cycle us through all the seasons. He is faithful.

Jerralea said...

Lisa, you always have such creative ideas for your posts! I love coming here ...

One of my favorite sounds is the sound of the wind rustling the leaves in trees. It always makes me think of that scripture that says the Holy Spirit is like the wind.

Gattina said...

I prefer by far the song of birds than construction sounds ! We had 2 houses built behind our garden and I can tell you we were really fed up with the hammering and drilling and whatever noise !

Lisa notes... said...

Yes! I love that sound too. Great connection. Thanks.

I'm with you. They're building a whole new subdivision across the street from us, so I'm sure I'll be hearing construction sounds for quite awhile. Maybe the birds can drown them out? :-)

Faith said...

I love how you did the Fave Fives! excellent...and I LOVE just sitting and LISTEING to various sounds....I'd love the sound of that water!!!! have a great weekend...

hip-chick said...

great post. God is definitely all around us in our everyday lives.

Brenda said...

I enjoyed reading this. These are all reminders of His presence. How can I whine and complain when He gives me these reminders each day?

Hazel said...

Another excellent read! I loved learning (a new word) oikodomeo. Thanks for showing how construction sound and beeping of a cell phone could be used to hear God. "Me, three" made me smile.

Barbara H. said...

How neat to draw spiritual lessons from sounds that would normally be irritating (construction noises and yelping dogs.)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

You are just SO creative, Lisa. I LOVE what you do with FFF each week. I heard him in my peaceful backyard this week...

Jientje said...

I love your list, very creative! Have a great weekend!

Godsgalnj said...

I very much enjoyed reading this- you have *such* great insights! Be blessed!! =)

Karyn said...

An excellent reminder for us to just 'Be Still and Know that HE is God'. A wonderful testimony that you can hear Him in the everyday sounds of your life.

Thanks for the reminder.

Susanne said...

I love how you purposefully look for connections in the things you hear. A wonderful reminder for us all to still ourselves and listen for God.

ellen b. said...

Hello Lisa, I'm very late getting around this week. I always so enjoy your creativity in your favorites. It's a pleasure to come here and read them. Have a wonderful week!

Willow said...

This was a great post. I enjoyed reading where your thoughts took you with each sound from barking to beeping.

What sounds did I hear this week? Rain and wind which reminds me of God's care for everyone, giving rain in season.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

This is a great post. What gift good hearing is. I love your commentary on each sound. (and so glad that the missing girl only lost track of time!)


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