seeking the lowest

water_under_bridgethe clouds weigh heavy
no longer equipped
to contain
their load

unzipped they splatter
the dribble now a torrent
     an overflow
     a waterfall
     a cascade

the waters gather
   with purpose
seeking low
   & lower
      & lowest

pebble_brookto follow i listen 
another week deeper in
closer to grave
          to tomb
seeking low
   & lower
      & lowest

sin unbuckled
devoured His body
until He said

He gives it away
the blood now a stream
flowing over us

the worshipers gather
   with purpose
seeking low
   & lower
      & lowest
at the foot of the cross

a brilliant trade
a miracle
     a death
     for a life
a flash flood of Grace

another week closer
to Easterwaterfall

* * *

Pardon my poetry (again). I’ll be done soon.
It’s week 9 of God in the Yard: Poetry and Silence.

How do you prepare for Easter?


Barbara H. said...

Very lovely!

Anna said...

I love how poetry expresses our hearts in unique ways... " flash flood of grace". a flood of grace... lovely words, Lisa.

Amy W Thornton said...

Beautiful poem Lisa. Great imagery and so true. Thanks for sharing this!

tinuviel said...

"A flash flood of Grace"-- I love that! Thanks for stopping by crumbs today and taking time to comment. It's lovely to meet you. Grace and peace to you in Jesus!

Cherry Warrick said...

"seeking low & lower & lowest at the foot of the cross" ... yes, a good reminder. This is where we need to be. Thanks for your poem!

Holly said...

Wow! May I have permission to "borrow" this?

Lisa notes... said...

Of course you may borrow it. Blessings,

Carrie Van Horn said...

A beautiful journey of the soul!

Renee said...

oh, I like your poetry Lisa...I am glad you share it with your readers.

Lynn Severance said...

Lisa - I am loving reading your poetry and I am hoping you continue it ( as you can ) after Lent.

You've an elegant way with words to begin with so your thoughts expressed in this form are a joy to receive.

"Low, lower, lowest" reminded me of the watefall cascading in "Hinds' Feet on High Places".

Donna said...

My heart sings "Yes!" as I read your poem today, Lisa. Preparing for Easter finds me still and in quiet wonder - I may try poetry just as you have done!

Your verse brings me into the presence of the Lord. Thank you for writing!

Brian Miller said...

a lovely verse filled with truth calling us on to easter...nice simile between the rain and his blood...

elizabeth said...

This is beautiful my friend.

Unknown said...

I love this and sincerely hope that you do not give up poetry. God's Word flows through you and blesses us!

Janis Van Keuren said...

Lovely poem as we wind our way toward Easter.


Joybird said...

I think the pictures are great. Is this your yard? I love all of the water.

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, this is my yard. We got tons of rain on Monday so our brook really started flowing strong again. Another analogy for God’s grace? The bigger the storm, the more grace we see in the overflow…

Lisa notes... said...

Interesting you bring up that book. We read out of Habakkuk at church last and sang a song that made me think of “Hinds Feet on High Places.” So perhaps we were both thinking of it at the same time. I need to re-read it before I go to El Salvador. I don’t want to be Much-Afraid when we drive on the mountain roads there. ;-)

GOD, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet like the deer's; he makes me tread on my high places.
Habakkuk 3:19

I pray you’re doing well and have been able to slow down from doctor visits! You’re a precious friend.

Brother Ollie said...

Beautiful poem - love the style.

Mommy Emily said...

another week deeper in
closer to grave
to tomb
seeking low

lisa, i love your poetry. no pardoning necessary. i was pulled into the cadence and found myself on the ground begging Jesus to rise. beautifully done.

Craig said...

Forgive your poetry - funny girl - it's beautiful

I hearted this especially,

a brilliant trade
a miracle
a death
for a life
a flash flood of Grace

You are finding so much in your garden - next year maybe I'll try a hand at it. God bless you Lisa - and thank you for this.


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