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A change of seasons

one-sunflowerHas it been so long ago since 12 weeks of playing with God in the yard?

Winter turns into spring.
Spring turns into summer.
Summer has turned into fall.

What have I turned into?
Seeds grow shoots.
Shoots grow flowers.
Flowers a-plenty grow beauty.

What have I grown?
Frigid followed by mild.
Mild followed by hot.
Hot followed now by just right.

What follows for me?
reaching-up-sunflowers~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~   +   ~
Counting graces after delighting with God in the autumn yard:

# 397—408 
     ...sunflowers in full bloom
     ...less watering required
     ...cooler temperatures
bougainvillea-in-bloom     ...yellows
     ...crunchy leaves
     ...blooming bougainvillea
     ...swingside views
swingside-view     ...God who changes the seasons
     ...God who changes me
     ...God who stays the same

* * *

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How have you changed since the beginning of the year?
What’s next for you this fall?


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