If you listen, you’ll hear


I hadn’t planned to chase him into a monastery.

You listen for One Word to follow into the new year. Jesus-one-word-2013
I hear my One Word—my Logos—“Jesus.”

Then, barely one week steeped in January, I am listening when he says, “Follow me here.”

What else can I do?

But go.

To Sacred Heart Monastery.
For a one-day retreat: “Listening to Luke” with the Benedictine Sisters.

I’ll be listening for Jesus.

But I’m not Catholic. I’m not familiar with the liturgies. With the elaborate artwork. Not even with much of the vocabulary.
So Sister Elisabeth tells me, “Listen to everything.

Listen not only with my ears, but with all my senses. I listen to her. Gentle. Peace-filled. Assured.
     •    I hear
confidence in Jesus.

I listen to my new Catholic friend Mary answer my questions during break and tour me through the chapel after lunch and explain rituals not easily explained.
     •    I hear the grace of Jesus.

I listen to voices, united, reciting Psalm 124 for the midday prayer.
     •    I hear the deliverance of Jesus.

I listen to Sister Benita explain the sisters’ move from Louisiana to Alabama because they take care of their own.
     •    I hear the compassion from Jesus.

I listen to the beauty in Mary’s Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55), read aloud, then sung to music. 
     •    I hear obedience to Jesus.

I listen to my own heart as I walk the grounds, soaking in the statues, the stillness, the serenity.
     •    And I hear my Beloved. And my Beloved hears me.

Where will he bid we go next?

I can’t say.
But I can be listening.


* * *

What unexpected place have you heard Jesus speaking lately?


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