Dear Risk . . .


Dear Risk,

I know we’re not close friends. You make me nervous. But I want to make peace with you anyway.

Because I need you.

Without embracing you as one of my partners in life . . .

  • I can’t move forward,
  • I can’t fulfill my purpose to honor God for who he is,
  • I can’t take chances, make mistakes, get messy (to quote one of my heroes, Ms. Frizzle).

Like it or not, we’re in this together. God wants us linked, so let’s get going.

Tomorrow I’ll probably stare you down again to make sure you’re still okay to keep around. You’ll understand; you know me better than I know you.

But for today, we’ve got things to do. So come on, Risk. Buckle up, everyone! To the bus!

Your reluctant but willing associate,

* * *

2012: My year to . . .



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