When God’s Timing Seems Off


She came too early. And left too soon. And where was God?

A difficult pregnancy left me sleepless and aching and worried. I wanted my baby girl to stay inside me as long as she could because she was safe there. But time would soon run out.

Sooner than I knew.

I went into premature labor with Kali at 32 weeks. Outside of my body, she only lived 1 hour and 17 minutes.

Even though I knew she lived on, I wondered how I would. All I had of her was a clipping of her soft black hair, a copy of her handprints and footprints, and a few pictures that a nurse had taken after she died.

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I’m writing at Do Not Depart today for our Ebenezer series, sharing stories of God’s faithfulness and help.


If you know of a family losing a little one, gently point them toward Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a ministry of professional photographers who donate their time to preserve precious memories.

Do you struggle with God’s timing, too? Do you wish he’d speed up or slow down?


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