Watching flowers grow

petunias-purple-whiteI dug in the dirt Saturday. Transplanting roots from one pot to another. Impatiens and petunias, already in bloom.

All I do now is water, fertilize, weed...and enjoy.

It seems too easy, this watching things grow. Sure, maybe a little sweat is involved, a little cash outlay, a little time.

But isn’t that small stuff?

The big stuff is God’s business: sunlight and temperature and things I can’t understand, and certainly can’t control.


He knows what each plant needs to grow its best, biggest, most beautiful blooms. I just caretake. For a time.

Because taking care of seeds that have already been planted is the season I’m in. My faith has already been rooted, a gift from long ago.

So now I water, fertilize, weed...and enjoy. Watching things grow.

As faith gives rise to seed, to fruit, to beauty, I’ll enjoy, leaving the heavy lifting of germination and pollination and reproduction to God.

I’ll delight in the flowers.

The gift of grace is the brightest blossom in my garden. 
Nothing could be more beautiful.


I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.
1 Corinthians 3:6

* * *

What is growing in your garden of faith right now? I’m in a season of delighting in His grace.


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