…in which I attempt to recite Romans 8

romans 8I post this video with hesitation:

  1. Because it’s a poor (and not totally accurate) recitation of Romans 8.
    I mess up. A lot.
  2. Because even though it’s riddled with mistakes, I don’t want it to be a “Hey, look at me!” thing. Trust me, it produces more humility in me than pride.

But I post it anyway because I want you to know that even while memorizing scripture doesn’t come easily to me, I do it for the joy...

  • The joy of filling my mouth with Spirit-inspired words
  • The joy of filling my heart with God’s love letters to me
  • The joy of filling my soul again and again, day or night, open or closed book, with Jesus—the Word Himself.


* * *

That’s why I’m starting John 1:1-14 on Sunday, and invite you to join in.

It’ll be good. Because He is.

We’re linking up posts about memorizations today at Do Not Depart.

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