MARCH 2012 Posts

I’m caught up (3/31)
What’s on your nightstand?—March ’12 (3/27)
Rip out the carpets (3/26)
“Courageous”…to touch Him (3/23)
Ready for a new Bible memory challenge? (3/22)
15-minute Bible study guide (3/22)
Spiritual vertigo (3/20)
Spring Reading List 2012 (3/19)
Don’t water the weeds (3/19)
“Women’s Bible Commentary”—Book review (3/17)
I owe God an apology (3/15)
Giving or receiving? It gets blurry (3/14)
Why use a Bible dictionary? (3/14)
Where do you sit? (3/12)
The good news is still good news (3/11)
Hit the pause button (3/7)
Church, where are we? (3/6)
I need a miracle (3/5)
A day in March (3/3)
One Pure and Holy Passion (3/2)


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