I’m caught up

I like to think I work hard. But it’s usually so I can rest sooner. Because I like to rest.

Actually, I love to rest.

Before a vacation, I work hard so I can better enjoy my rest later. Somehow, miraculously, I finished my work early on Tuesday afternoon before we left for New York on Wednesday. I was fully packed, the house was clean, and all e-mail was answered.

I was caught up.

So I walked down by the lake to watch the water. I came in to finish reading The Hunger Games as I took a bath. I ate supper and laughed at old home videos with Jenna (she was caught up, too).

I like being caught up.

But for years I didn’t feel caught up in my spiritual life. There was work to be done. Salvation to be ensured. Pleasing efforts to be made.

I didn’t understand, “It is finished.”
Now I do. (Or at least I’m getting there—I’m still prone to slip.) 

I got a refresher course in it the past four months through memorizing Romans 8.

Spending day after day, week after week, going over and over the same words, did something in me. It drilled in a little deeper that the work is finished, and not because of me: 

  • I’m not condemned—not now, not later—not because my work is judged sufficient, but because I’m in Christ (vs 1)
  • Righteousness is fulfilled in me, not because I did anything, but because God did (vs 3)
  • I’m pleasing to God, not because my flesh is so obedient, but because Christ lives in me (vs 8-9)
  • I have received, not earned, the privilege of saying, “Abba, Father” (vs 15)
  • My prayers are heard, not because I’m eloquent, but because the Spirit speaks for me (vs 26)
  • I won’t be accused, not because I’m blameless, but because God has declared me not guilty (vs 33)
  • I won’t be separated from Christ’s love, not because I’m so lovable, but because Christ has defeated all hindrances (vs 35, 37)

The work has already been done. Completed. It is finished.

No more striving to gain approval. No more doubting my destination. No more worrying if I’ve done enough. I’m fully packed and my house is cleaned up. God did the work.

I’m all caught up.

And I can rest.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.

Romans 8:1-2

* * *

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