When you look for gifts

Continuing my search for His gifts, and finding them...


3 ways you feel God’s love
   # 523  in a treasured hand-written letter from a precious sister in Christ 
   # 524  being placed in Romans 8 early so I’d be firmly entrenched now 
   # 525  each Run to Him chapter of the week being just the psalm I need!

3 gifts that were Plan B’s
   # 526  visiting a new church
   # 527  staying later at Jenna’s dance competition and unexpectedly getting to watch the teachers dance
   # 528  arriving in time for small group study when we didn’t think we could

3 gifts white
   # 529  my threadbare white turtleneck that still keeps me warm at home 
   # 530  my Kindle cord for the access to info it brings me 
   # 531  my El Salvador notebook that is keeping me organized

3 gifts that changed today
   # 532  the weather—started out cold but rose to the 60s
   # 533  instead of 5:30 singing (which I miss terribly!), getting to go to Selwyn’s class (which I loved tremendously!)
   # 534  switching Bibles for awhile to the Spanish/English Bible I just bought, “Dios Llega Al Hombre”

A gift nearly worn out; a gift new; a gift made-do
   # 535  Jeff still loving me even though I’m wearing him out with my emotions
   # 536  Romans 8 first-letter strips for my block in the teen room
   # 537  Jenna finding a perfect “new” dress for her formal at the thrift store for $6

3 gifts seen as reflections
   # 538  hearing enthusiasm from the teen girls reflect about their weekend retreat and the twelve spiritual disciplines
   # 539  seeing the love of Christ reflected through praise songs at The Light
   # 540  hearing Jeff read our wedding vows again from the copy he keeps in his wallet

* * *

Tomorrow, will you look for 3 gifts from the past—that help you trust the future?


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