Dare to find joy in February

February-Joy-DareIt’s a shame, but sometimes counting your blessings can become mechanical. Family, health, home, etc.

A fresh approach to capturing three gifts a day in February is here: February’s Joy Dare. It takes the routine out of the numbering. (Thank you, Ann.)

I sought God in these ways. I found Him in many places.

He’s a delight to have along for a scavenger hunt. Come play with Him!

Continuing my count to 1,000 of gifts of grace...

FEBRUARY 1, Wednesday
Gifts at 11:30 a.m.; 2:30 p.m.; 6:30 p.m.
     # 487  Skyping with my niece Danielle in NY about matters great and small—important to us, to God
     # 488  ideas for a Salvadorian VBS popping into my head as I blow dry my hair 
     # 489  finishing an hour of praise with my spiritual siblings

FEBRUARY 2, Thursday
Things overheard, all gifts
     #490  laughter between Jenna and Becca as they come home from Student Council
     #491  polite but authoritative talk from Jeff to a co-worker while I’m on on the phone waiting for him to finish
     #492  sweet interchanges between the post office worker and the lady in front of me, despite miscommunication over her stamps

FEBRUARY 3, Friday
Gifts found in writing

     #493  clarifying my thoughts about God as my shelter 
     #494  preaching to myself as I word comments to others
     #495  community of replies leaving a trail for later

FEBRUARY 4, Saturday
Blessings when bent down
     #496  rubbing on my very favorite foot lotion to keep my barefooted heels soft
     #497  bending over my sick daughter in bed to put a cold washcloth on her forehead
     #498  unzipping my boots at the end of the day—freedom

FEBRUARY 5, Sunday
One gift stitched; one woven; one hammered
     #499  waking up on soft sheets at the Embassy Suites after a refreshing night of sleep (praise God!)
     #500  staying toasty on the ride home from Montgomery under my Amazing Grace blanket, a gift from Daddy’s funeral almost two years ago
     #501  propping my feet up on my new wooden foot stool from Jeff, watching the Giants win the Super Bowl (I hope—go Eli! Gotta stay true to my Ole Miss roots)

* * *

Care to join in the fun?
Find these gifts this week:

February 6, Monday: 3 gifts found outside
February 7, Tuesday: 3 gifts red
February 8, Wednesday: a gift broken, a gift fixed, a gift thrifted
February 9, Thursday: 3 gifts that were surprises—unexpected grace!
February 10, Friday: 3 times you heard laughter today
February 11, Saturday: 3 gifts found in working
February 12, Sunday: 3 hard eucharisteos


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