Where to go when you can’t get there

kazakhstanOh, the bitter irony.

For there are times you cannot go.
You’re not even allowed to go.

Would you lift up my friend Aselya in prayer today?

A few years back, we and friends at church chose to help Aselya, an orphaned 16-year-old living at The Light House in Kazakhstan, a Christian home for 16-22 year olds without parental care and too old for state-supported care.

When I found out her birthday was November 13, the bond was instant. My Kali’s birthday. And death day.

We communicated through the years with the help of Christian brothers and sisters in Almaty, who graciously translated e-mails and letters and delivered packages.

Last spring Aselya married.
This March her first child was due. 


Instead, he came yesterday.
And he died yesterday. 

Aselya remains in the hospital but is not allowed visits from those outside her physical family. Her church family wants to go and comfort her, but they can’t.

Her husband buried their son today without her. (Kazakh tradition prohibited Aselya from attending.) He’s a new Christian; please pray for him, too.

Also per Kazakh tradition, they could not name this baby themselves.

My heart breaks. I can’t go to a hospital 6,000 miles away. And I wouldn’t be allowed in if I could get there.

But I can still go somewhere.

I will go to the Father.

Meet me there?

1. The Lord will comfort Aselya and her husband.
2. The Lord will protect their faith in Him.
3. The Lord will strengthen their friends for support now and later.
4. The Lord will give me words as I write a letter to Aselya today.
5. The Lord will be praised for creating eternal life for this sweet baby boy.

* * *

Thank you, friends.



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