Just go

on SundayYou never know what things God might bring to a day.
But you can know he wants one of those things to be you.

When we arrived at Kim’s house for our Sunday night small group study, the adults were huddled in the corner. They were listening in to Gerry’s phone conversation with our friend Amber. Minutes before—while driving to the study—her car had been hit by a truck. Her car with her beautiful baby Lillie inside.

Although injuries appeared minimal, they were being transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Cell phones started buzzing.
Texts were typed and sent.
Prayers ascended to the Father.

But what else?

Thankfully, I’m married to a goer. When in doubt, Jeff doesn’t sit and think about it—he goes.

It’s a habit I want to learn better.

Just go.
It’s what family does.
It goes.

It doesn’t just send a text.
It doesn’t just leave a message on a FB wall.
It doesn’t just send an e-mail.

It goes. In person. In body and soul.

So we went. To the emergency room. And before long, most of our Sunday night small group were also huddled there in the waiting room, taking turns visiting with Amber in her room (or in the hall—it was an overcrowded ER).

And awaiting our turn to get to hold Lillie, who had already been given the all-clear by the ER doctors and released. When my turn came, Lillie connected thumb to mouth, closed her little eyes, and shut out all the chaos.

I watched this baby I love sleep deep in my arms.
I listened to her tiny baby breaths.
And I thanked God for this outcome, and not another.

I was glad I had come.
The going had bred joy.

It was a holy moment.

Because when we go, God meets us there.
He’s family. It’s what He does.
It’s what I want to do, too.

Just go.

* * *

Would you please pray for another sweet family
who did lose their baby this week? Thank you.

Sometimes it’s hard to know—when to stay home or when to go?

When have you been glad you showed up?

(Oh, and Amber got to go home that night with Lillie and her husband Adam. Bruised and sore, but very grateful.)

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